USC SBE CSE accelerates

Social Entrepreneurship

as a solution to alleviate poverty

across the Pacific Islands


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Introduction course on SE offered 2nd semester, AY 2018-19 for BS Entrepreneurship majors

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The School of Business and Economics (SBE) of University of San Carlos (USC) recently launched the Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE) whose aim is to bridge higher education, international development, and commercial sectors to develop local capacity and accelerate the success of promising social entrepreneurs (SE) on their paths to positively impact hundreds of thousands of lives. In addition, the presence of the Center will accelerate social entrepreneurship in Cebu City and anchor the social enterprise movement in Cebu and more broadly across the Pacific Islands region.

The CSE offers a range of programs and curricula, each designed to serve the needs of social enterprises at various stages of their development. However, each program emphasizes improving financial sustainability while serving an increasing number of beneficiaries.

The distinguishing factor of CSE over other capacity development organizations for social enterprises is the quality and depth of our mentoring. We build a network of 30+ individual mentors, working exclusively as volunteers, who will deliver the vast majority of the value to the social enterprises participating in our programs. Our mentors are successful business leaders with decades of experience and connections who volunteer to work intensively with social entrepreneurs in an in-depth relationship. Mentors are trusted advisors to the social entrepreneurs and they work alongside over the full course of the program duration.

SBE CSE is born out of the tripartite agreement with the Miller Center of Santa Clara University, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation where all share the vision of uplifting the lives of the poor and marginalized by catalyzing sustainable and scalable solutions across the Pacific Islands in general and the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines in particular.

All agree that a Center for Social Entrepreneurship under the auspices of USC is imperative and shall be created to mobilize resources and implement social enterprise capacity development initiatives.

Mission and Vision

Vision: A social entrepreneurship hub for sustainable and scalable solutions to alleviate poverty across Pacific Islands
Mission: Accelerates Social Entrepreneurship as a solution to alleviate poverty in Southern Philippines