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Bret Waters Inspiring First Year BS Entrep Students

CG Anzano
January 28

In a brief encounter with first year BS Entrep students, Bret Waters talked of his visit to the beautiful island of Bantayan, Cebu and the inspiring story of Jet Ong who helps fishermen rise above poverty. The need to rent a boat to fish and be at the mercy of middlemen brought the message clear. Social entrepreneurship is the best solution to alleviating poverty.

Bret Waters is a Lecturer at Stanford University and a Senior Mentor at the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. He founded and served as CEO of Trivix Inc. for the first 8 years growing it from zero into a thriving global organization with five offices around the world. Tivix provides innovation engineering services.

He was in USC together with Jeff Pilisuk and Andy Liebermann of Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship from January 26 to February 1, 2019 for the USC SBE Accelerator Programs.

Thanks, Bret!!

By: Cora G. Anzano, PhD, SBE CSE Academic Program Manager